Joe Biden’s Age Becomes 'Omnipresent’ as He Prepares for Reelection Run

As the 2020 presidential election approaches, Joe Biden’s age has become an omnipresent issue. Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, is 77 years old, making him the oldest person ever to run for president.

Biden’s age has been a source of both criticism and admiration. His opponents have argued that he is too old to effectively lead the country, while his supporters have praised his experience and wisdom.

The issue of Biden’s age is likely to become even more prominent as he prepares for his reelection run. Biden has already faced questions about his physical and mental health, and his age will likely be a major factor in the upcoming election.

Biden’s age has also been a source of controversy in terms of his campaign strategy. He has been criticized for not taking a more aggressive stance against President Trump, and some have argued that he should be more assertive in his approach.

However, Biden has also been praised for his ability to connect with younger voters. He has made a point of reaching out to young people and has made several policy proposals that are aimed at helping them.

No matter what one’s opinion is on Biden’s age, it is clear that it will be a major factor in the upcoming election. Biden’s age could be a source of strength or weakness depending on how he chooses to address it. It is up to Biden to decide how to best use his age to his advantage in the upcoming election.